Powerhouse presents Harmony T. Panda with their latest track titled Within. Straight from the heart of the American Electro House movement deep in the dirty nasty streets of Los Angeles California Harmony T. Panda explodes into the spotlight with his 2nd album full of EXOTIC and NASTY cuts that redefine the genre with each track! Prepare yourself for ass shaking, grimy, filth ridden grinders ready to pump pelvis and wobble your knees! This hip thrusting new album is his first major production to reach the international audience and achieve wide distribution. His first album, Moonlight Swim, gained local recognition finding its way into all the top DJs records bags in the LA scene and the feedback was overwhelming! Hot on the heels is this release bound for the biggest festivals and dance floors in the world! Innovation and imagination comes to mind when Malo Jones create my music. His purpose is to create new worlds for the people that listen to me. He likes being outside the box, and his work reflects that as well. This new album \"Within\" tells a vivid tale of transgressions and mutations from what your parents thought was the way to have fun as this new generation remakes all the rules and goes wild and uncontrollable!