Toad Trip
              Original Mix
Fresh Frequencies Music presents Moon Tripper with their latest track titled Toad Trip Original Mix . Fresh Frequencies presents another exciting volume of Progressive Goa Trance containing the next huge hits selected and compiled by our special guests, The Sting Records crew. With this issue we present part one of the 2018 series, 18 amazing tracks created by 24 different contributing producers from around the world. These exclusive selections from solo acts as well as incredible collaborations and remixes have been thoroughly tested with astounding results. Look for the who\'s who of festival favorites and club floor fillers such as: Norma Project, Ascent, Shogan, Moon Tripper, Zeologic, Cambium Liquid Sound, Alignments, Subspace, Electit, Ekahal, Maitika Aesis Alien, Mazord, Monolock, D-Twin, Solar Wa

Toad Trip Original Mix