The Signs of the Unknown
Goa Records presents Ektoside with their latest track titled The Signs of the Unknown. Goa Records presents the world with this amazing new release, \"The Signs of the Unknown\" produced by \"Ektoside\" which is the solo project created by Mirko Mlinarevic, Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and currently living in Germany, Mirko, after 17 years going to psytrance events was so fascinated by the music and the events, that he began produce his own progressive psytrance sound and Ektoside was born. His music spread quickly and soon many organizers were aware of him and he began being booked at countless events in Italy, Austria und Germany with artist like: Egorythmia, Neelix, Liquid Space, Dual Vision, Timeless, Solaris Vibe, Sunrize, Synsoniq, Toxic Universe, Elegy and many others.