Synergetic Pattern
Parabola Music presents 2Komplex with their latest track titled Synergetic Pattern. 2Komplex meets Parabola Records with their latest two track release featuring Amba Amba and Cyber Tech. 2Komplex have created a unique old/new psychedelic progressive trance that is not just powerful music with a groove but also music that tells a story with each track. In these five years of 2Komplex after combining forces, Brazilian DJs Heimdall (Rodrigo Carvalho) and DJ Janzito (Jan Barbosa) have made a respectable name for themselves in the psy trance scene. Amba Amba is dedicated to Valentina, Janzito\'s daughter which was born this year. The track develops with nice woman vocals which reminds us about the care of the mother over her child. Cyber Tech is a refers to the idea of the crazy world that we live in, with industrial atmospheres mixed with psychedelic inserts. 2Komplex continues to try to tell a story through their music that makes this single unique and hypnotic.