Smart Sequence
Goa Records presents Koatl with their latest track titled Smart Sequence. Koatl is a project of Psychedelic Trance, created by Luis Mejia; he starts listening to electronic music at the age of 16, and at 17 attending his first party with a Live International Act (Neelix), from that moment he began to attend parties Open Air, the Progressive Trance genre, so with artists such as Shiva Chandra, Liquid Soul, Tegma, Vibrasphere, among others, began seriously listening to electronic music way; subsequently attend an Open Air (Odissey Equinox) in 2008, and when he has his first contact with psychedelic trance with artists such as GMS, Delisyd, Phanatic, Space Buddha and Cyber Cartel among others and this is precisely the time which radically changed his musical instinct and then until 2013, when he decided to start producing his own music influenced by these and other artists of international stature such as XSI, Earthling, Myrah, Mad Maxx and many others. Beginning in 2014, begins with the intention to launch his music to the market and with the label \"Speedsound\" which finds its first major opportunity to launch into one of their compilations (Decoding Process, edited by Xantaram) two tracks, one exclusive and another in the collaboration. Then a few months later, and following the production process, decides to release his first EP, entitled \"Revelation\" under the same label, Speedsound. Now Luis Mejia Aka Koatl, looking to launch their second EP, \"Smart Sequence\" under the label \"Goa Records\" in order to continue to publicize their music, continuing the work of production and to present your music live festivals in Mexico and then the World.