Personal Frequency Tweaker
              Original Mix
Parabola Music Music presents Flucturion 2.0 with their latest track titled Personal Frequency Tweaker Original Mix . Parabola Music takes you to the highest level of quality and style with this exclusive new progressive psychedelic trance album from Flucturion 2.0. Sensitized is a full spectrum exploration of your senses that are often far more acute than you might realize. Combining the key elements of experienced trance music composition, Flucturion delivers the next generation concepts today. Swirling melodies, serene arrangements, and lively percussion keeps you on the dance floor, while interesting ideas, dreamlike soundscapes, and plenty of visual inducing synthwork will entertain your mind while your muscles automatically know how to express the music in the form of dance. This artist is massively prolific, having produced over ten full length albums in his career as an electronic musician. With Flucturion 2.0\'s new album he is confident that he has achieved the most exquisite creations of his life. Konstantin Yakushin is the Russia based artist behind the music creating progressive trance and chill out thought this 2.0 project and psy-trance as just Flucturion, as well as his other project aliases Axadecot and Stigmouleur. Flucturion went from violent and noisy vibrations to the subtle and meditative tracks, each time creating unusual and unique experience. This work is a study of the \"intimate aspects of\" classic progpsy trance. Fascinating melodic structures coexist with a fairly deep atmosphere. It can be described as a cross between the experimental side aesthetics and space psytrance goa sound. A trip along a wandering hypnotic stream that needs attention. I wish pleasant listening!

Personal Frequency Tweaker Original Mix