Nature Within, Pt. 2 Earth & Fire
Goa Records presents eLement9 with their latest track titled Nature Within, Pt. 2 Earth & Fire. Nature Within tells you a story of love, dance, compassion and the amazing but fragile relationship between humans and mother earth. 2 and half months of production and a steady beat of 138BPM, each track represents one of the four elements. Robert Jarnroth - Aka Dj Phoenix, Kayseri A lot of gigs and parties in his back-pocket and resident at club \"Turbine\" here in Stockholm. Robert is also the mastermind behind the huge success complication albums called Destination Goa 1-12 with basically thousands of records sold worldwide. Robert is more of a squeechy and knoooawrgh Full-on producer who loves the mystic and earthy sounds that the synths we use can create. Rickard Fourt - Aka DJ Spectra DJing at a lot of clubs in and around Sweden and Europe. Part time resident at Docklands, Stockholm and some of his favorite gigs at festivals in Spain and Denmark.