Luv Simulation
Ovnimoon presents Shake, Zyce, Flegma, Ovnimoon with their latest track titled Luv Simulation. Ovnimoon Rec. proudly presents this amazing new achievement from the legendary creative mastermind and psy pioneer from Mexico known as Shake, bringing you his third full length release and his first all progressive psy trance album. This finely crafted all knew exclusive production features an incredible new direction that is opening the doors wide in anticipation of this next level fusion of his skill, style and message that is clearly setting Shake above the rest. Luv Simulation takes us away from the daily madness of the world and transports us to a simulation of a possible future where we have evolved passed the old ways. Shake is the Bright Rising Trance Project of Luis Macias, born in the city of Morelia, Mexico. Luis developed his interest in music at a very early stage, learning how to play the guitar when he was only eight years old, and getting involved with the electronic music scene by the age of 15. Luis started as a DJ at local parties, bars, and clubs, making people from all around dance for hours at his Sets. Later on he decided to start producing as \"SHAKE\". Shake has a unique style charged with penetrating melodies and powerful baselines. A Stomping musical Groove which has made the dance floor Shake and tremble several times all around Mexico. Shake brings fresh new ideas and exciting melodic structures which reflect life itself, trying to open a window for the audience to tune into the music and jump into Shake\'s world. As young as he may seem, Shake has already had the opportunity to share the stage with the most influential national and international Electronic artists, Including Infected Mushroom, Eskimo, Sesto Sento, Talamasca, CPU, System Nipel, Audiotec, and Many Other Trance Stars. He has traveled around Mexico and played his music all over the country at Indoor parties and Outdoor festivals. Shake has collaborated as a producer with artists such as Talamasca, Twilight, Safi Connection, Bubble, Ranji, Mojo, Volcano, In panic and Zion, among others. His DEBUT ALBUM \"ZEPHYR\", sold nearly 1000 copies, a significant achievement in today\'s Psytrance market. His 2nd full length album came in 2012 on Geomagnetic records (Pleasures From Hell) and was a worldwide sensation! Steadily becoming one of the Best Mexican Trance Projects and an extremely fast rising star, Shake is definitely a talent to look forward to, and an inspirational artist to witness. Other project\'s: -STICKERS (Shake + Twilight). Shake The Dance