Goblin Fungus
Geomagnetic presents Visions with their latest track titled Goblin Fungus. Geomagnetic presents a special side project from old school psy producer Kri Samahdi aka Shapestatic. This collaboration titled Visions presents their full length debut album Goblin Fungus featuring nine full length epics each tuned to take the listener on a mystical entheogenic auditory experience. Goblin Fungus is the brand new full length album from Visions, the collaborative project of Kri Samadhi and Intrinsic aka PulseWave. This is a blend of night time and twilight, for parties at the edge of the forest under a full moon. Listen as the music mutates its way through the speakers, as an ever evolving harmonic sequence. Psychedelic melodies float among the massive waves of bass and powerful kicks that blast this album into the night sky. Let the moss speak and follow the fungal pathways that interconnect us all.