Feel the Inner Strength
Goa Records presents Aesis Alien with their latest track titled Feel the Inner Strength. Goa record presents this new ep from Sascia Cardinali aka Aesis Alien with these four excellently crafted psychedelic trance songs under the title Feel the Inner Strength. Expect the have a special adventure within each song taking influence from many different styles and flowing from progressive to deep goa trance. AESIS ALIEN is a Progressive PsyTrance project founded by Sasha Cardinali, born in 1977 and producing since 2001 Sasha is between the founders of Polena Records, he works actively at this project giving an essential contribution. In 2009 he starts to play live in different parties and clubs in middle Italy. The debut of Aesis Alien discography is with the EP called \"Wisdom Gate\" where he put all his background to make Progressive - Chill Out & Psy Trance music and has released many more ep\'s since.