Eleven Twenty
Bass Star presents Milo, Romobal with their latest track titled Eleven Twenty. Bass Star Records is more than happy to present a magical album from Romobal called Eleven Twenty! Alejandro Romo Balmori started in the 90s as a DJ and in 2000 as a producer in a few psytrance projects, now he presents the new line with the Romobal project, hoping to find his unique style, with sounds, chaotic beats, and calm melodies, trying to seek nonsense while leading you from chaos to peace, Alejandro Romo Balmori a.k.a. Romobal from playa del Carmen, México creates a unique sound and tries to reflect in his most recent EP, with a single produced and already on the market in 2018 called the Caribbean trip, where he started experimenting with very particular sounds and styles, without looking for anything, in particular, it is about reaching people through electronic sounds and slow and aggressive rhythms, Eleven / Twenty is an EP that tries the combination of chaos and peace that is necessary for e