Bite the Bullet
Dubstep SF presents Arch Rival, Venomous Dimensions, Vulture with their latest track titled Bite the Bullet. Dubstep SF present Arch Rival & Venomous Dimensions - Bite The Bullet! A special edition Dubstep full power / full length album. Bite Bullet combines all of this notorious and relentless producers Dubstep/Hard Bass productions into a simply over the top mind blowing set that realizes his amazing accomplishments into a solid limited edition release. His tracks have fuelled some of the most raging dub pits the world has ever seen creating energetic mosh pits of exuberant ecstasy when ever played. Huge Bass speakers have been reduced to ashes by the low frequency thundering from these mega hits. Your knees will buckle from the immense weight of his drops staggering whole festival dance floors simultaneously. Recently this world class producer\'s work has been featured on some of the biggest compilations such as Bay Area Dubstep 03 and Top DJ sets like the highly acclaimed world charting series Dubstep Academy. Arch Rival & Venomous Dimensions consistently are ranking high in all the most competitive charts and proving once again why the San Francisco Bay Area Bass Music scene is one of the most important and active areas of the planet contributing to the culture. More recently well-known from his various charting tracks under his Drum & Bass moniker Entity Plus, this highly respected and well established producer always pushes the boundaries and delivers the goods. His work is often described as OcinematicO and genre defying, always mind expanding and transformational. Fans of all electronic music will appreciate this music\'s depth and thoroughly psychedelic style, music that transcends genres while staying true to form. Over the years Mitch Beggs aka Arch Rival, Venomous Dimensions & Entity Plus has been leaving his footprints all over the map, consistently generating explosive sounds to hit the ever-sprawling Dubstep, Drum Step and Drum & Bass spectrums. This studio assassin has been fully prompted and programmed to blow some circuits. Coming out of industry renowned Fullsail University in Florida as a 210A certified Pro Tools operator in 2008, he joined film post-production crew Restricted. The coming year manifested hard-edged DNB productions under Entity Plus that pumped out a string of releases on long time acclaimed Combat Records based in Chicago, Australia\'s Darkland Recordings, and loads of tracks heavily promoted by the the badmen of Budapest; Blackhoe Recs. Once relocating back to the SF bay area in 2009, it was time to join production forces with ol\' pals Eightski and Measure-D aka Turf Dubz to bring their whiplash style, molten bass lines and spine paralyzing beats to the forefront of the dubstep / bass music genre with an assembly line of bangers slated for release. Dubstep SF Features the West Coasts most prominent hotbed of producers grinding out some of the world\'s most notorious hits & fresh tracks hot from the dancefloors and dub pits of the SF Bay Area. Bass Star Records formed in summer of 2007 and is focused primarily on breaks, dub step, electro house and down tekno grooves. Expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts coming from this phatty side project from Geomagnetic Records Label Group.