Original Mix
Digital Drugs Coalition Music presents Boshaft with their latest track titled 4:20 Original Mix . Digital Drugs Coalition presents the newest dimensional mind expanding single from Boshaft with Tempo, with three uniquely styled, twisted, goose bump inducing psy power blasters. Boshaft Project gives birth in the year of 2010 in an attempt to transform every possible aspect felt and lived in such a concrete jungle into something abstract and intangible. At the age of 18, Wolfgang Arceo Flores, aka Boshaft, decided to pursue a career in music production aiming to master DAW such as Logic and Ableton. He attended Gmartell College of Music and Audio in Mexico, and had as mentors some of the most recognized and well-known music artists/producers. Boshaft will spark your brain in the dark and will move your feet to the beat. Sound Cloud_ https://soundcloud.com/boshaftaf Facebook_https://www.facebook.com/boshaftaf

4:20 Original Mix